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Arrangement and Orchestration

Rudolf (Wildhorn) – vocal arrangements, incidental, dance (Budapest, Vienna) orchestration (Seoul)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Wildhorn) – vocal arrangement, incidental, dance (St. Gallen) orchestration (Seoul)

Xcalibur (Wildhorn) – arrangements and orchestration (St. Gallen, Seoul)

Carmen (Wildhorn) – vocal arrangements, incidental, dance (Prague)

Dracula (Wildhorn) – arrangements and orchestraton (worldwide)

Matterhorn (Hammond) - arrangements and orchestration (St. Gallen)

Don Camillo & Peppone (Farina) – orchestration (Vienna)

Wüstenblume (Fahrenkrog) - arrangements and musical supervision (St. Gallen)

Pippin (Schwartz) – new extended orchestration (Dresden)

Schikaneder (Schwartz) – vocal arrangements (Vienna)

Dracula Suite (Wildhorn) – orchestration (Wiener Symphoniker Vienna)

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